Services: Structure Cabling Design

Channel will design your Telecommunications Infrastructure Cabling according to the TIA/EIA, and ISO/IEC standards.

The TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC, standards specify that a generic telecommunications cabling system should be implemented for the premises cabling infrastructure. This cabling system is vendor independent, and support multiproduct, multivendor environment. We mean by vendor: Electronic, and equipment vendor.


Services List
* Structure Cabling Design
* Structure Cabling Implementation
* Consulting
* Testing
* Project Management
* Warranties

We will choose the Media and its Components, to serve your needs for many years to come. The media and components for the:

* Backbone Cabling Subsystem.
(Campus Backbone or Building Backbone)
Main Cross-connect/Campus Distributor - Intermediate Cross- connect/Building Distributor.

* Horizontal Cabling Subsystem.
Horizontal Cross-connect/Floor Distributor.

* Work Area Cabling.
Either you know where to locate your racks, outlets or not, either you have floor plans or not. We will do some sketches, diagrams, and tables to get your entire Campus or Building Cabled.

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