Services: Project Management 
The success of a cabling installation relies heavily on effective project management.

Channel Computer Services can help your company to reach the best planning decision while developing your project plan.  Will take into consideration the most important and essential issues which significantly affect your project in the future.
With our experienced team in consultation and project management you will end up with the best plan for your project insuring your success.


Services List
* Structure Cabling Design
* Structure Cabling Implementation
* Consulting
* Testing
* Project Management
* Warranties
  • To development and implement a comprehensive project management plan specifying goals, deadlines, and project installation guidelines and standards.
  • Ensures that all deliverables specified by the scope of work and customer contract are achieved.
  • To coordinate all services provided to our clients, including pricing, scope of work.
  • To manage the execution of all services provided to the clients; coordinates the individual onsite work teams and management of all resources necessary to complete all tasks on time.
  • To manage the execution of individual task assignments; manages small work forces of field technicians.
  • Ensure that all quality standards are being met and that total customer satisfaction is achieved.
  • Daily progress logs and status reports to keep the customer informed on the projects' timely completion.
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